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Message from the President

We observe today not the launch of an institute, but a celebration of freedom-- symbolizing an end as well as a beginning--signifying renewal, as well as change. For the founding members of EMIL have pledged to pursue the same path our beloved Elias walked on towards building a free and sovereign society in Lebanon.

Elias (49 years) is the son of a 75 years “young” Republic that taught him courage and resilience since the age of 6 when the war started. He practiced them both throughout his personal life, legal and political careers. He taught us that love and justice always prevail. 

We promise him today to carry this legacy by providing an open platform to all Lebanese in and outside the land of the Cedars - to come together, think together, debate, research and contribute to the process of building this adolescent nation.

EMIL invites you today to be part of this challenge: to take the challenge to speak truth to power. Because truth is power.

Elias is a model of survival and success of liberty. He never expected his foes to find him supporting his views, but he always hoped to find them supporting their own freedom. He never negotiated out of fear; instead he taught us to never fear to negotiate. So let us begin anew--remembering on all sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and that sincerity is always subject to proof. EMIL will strive to keep this debate open.

This much we pledge--and more.

EMIL invites all sides in Lebanon to explore what problems unite us; instead of focusing on those problems that divide us.

EMIL will encourage all sides to create new endeavors in a new world of law, where the strong are just and the weak secure.

The energy, the talent, the faith and the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will hopefully improve our status quo in Lebanon and light up our horizon.

In your hands will rest the final success or failure of our mission.

Lina S. Moukheiber – 8/8/2018

Who we are

Our Vision

A policy-oriented think-tank committed to tackling hard questions in a rigorous and inclusive manner, and to provide solutions to endemic political and social problems within Lebanese government and society. The go-to place in Lebanon to design, develop and dialogue about solutions to the country’s true challenges.

Our Mission

Harnessing Lebanon’s potential and creating pathways to a uniquely successful nation and society through creative policy development and leadership, training and mentorship of the next generation. 

Linking with the Lebanese diaspora to develop solutions for their country’s true challenges, while creating a network of generations committed to working together for Lebanon’s future.

Our Values

Rationality, empathy, credibility, creativity, adaptability, resourcefulness, patience, learning, gender inclusiveness (gender, socio-economic status, religious, political inclination) teamwork, analytical rigor and rationality, courage, non-partisanship, loyalty, trustworthiness & commitment to a better future for Lebanon, irrespective of personal political preferences.


Law and Policy Research 

  • Develop human capital to do it
  • Develop a house style of quality work
  • Champion good work
  • Hard talk when needed 
  • Connect with university students nationally and internationally

People Development 

  • Focusing on the young generations
  • Summer program for future policy and society leaders 
  • Women's leadership in law politics and society
  • Bridging older generations with younger ones to establish a volunteer network

Establish a National Policy Leadership Platform 

  • Possibly in partnership with other organizations 
  • Issue Agenda setting 
  • Tap into international networks 
  • Improve status of women in public life


  • Constitutional issues
  • Public integrity
  • Higher education 
  • Public health and environment
  • Use of social media and new technologies in policy dialogue

Board Members

Lina Moukheiber


Ziad Mikati


Catherine Moukheibir


Maryam Iskandar Moukheiber

Founding Member

Samir Moukheiber

General Secretary


Melhem Riachi

Founding Member

Ziad Sayegh

Founding Member

Sonia Van Loo


Alexandre Barzelay

Content Creation & Member Engagement

Marc Moukheiber